„Every haulm is crazy”, or the symbiosis of order and chaos – With Ágnes Sütöri

Playback Theater troupes are peculiar communities, their genesis and structure are specific, they could hardly be interpreted as conventional organisations, there are only occasional resemblences between them. Meanwhile they need a professional operation to meet the ethical principles of PT and to fulfill their mission.
If we force a troupe into a conventional organisational structure with rules, we can easily bind it. Its development is the best supported if the troupe can fomulate its own structure and determine its own operational model. With this program I support troupes in this task.

What do we offer?
Training / coaching that supports the formation / development / renewal of a succesful functioning of the troups.

To whom?
To playback-theatre troupes, which would like to function and develop – while they realize their artistic goals and grant the wellbeing of their members – as a community and organisation.

What is going on?
On the progam, the troupe can reflect on its own functioning and can reform it: the troupe can word its own organisational structure in a metaphore, can formulate its new operational frameworks and processes and can also start the change. The members can clarify their roles, responsibilities, compare their goals and achievments, explore the interfering conflicts, foster interpersonal trust. The troupe can establish a plain and easily funcionable own model, which can make decisions easier, inspire their realization, and secure the artistic and communal development of the company.

Where? When?
On a previously agreed location and time.

In how many hours?
According to the troupe’s goals / needs / current state in 16/24 hours (2-3 consecutive days, or 2×1,5 days, or 3×1 day).
The program is preceeded by careful preparation and is completed by a follow-up which facilitates the change / incorporation.

For how much?
According to the specific tender and payment construction based on the agreement with the troupe.