About us

We are the Opening Round Central European School of Playback Theatre Association, affiliate of the Centre for PLayback Theatre (NY).


What you should know about us?

Attila Donáth

Accredited trainer of the Playback Center, leader of the Opening Round Central-European Playback Theater, actor and conductor of “Pszínház Playback Theatre” in Budapest. He is active in Playback Theatre since 1992. Working with groups in Romania, and Slovakia he helped in founding a several Playback Theatre groups in these countries. Having degrees in human resource organizing, general social work, social policy, development of people with special needs, psychopedagogy, and supervision, he is also a psychodrama leader, and NLP master practitioner. He teaches the Playback method and also applies Playback in different areas: development of social key competencies, self-knowledge, creativity, and talent care; organizational and management development, consulting, coaching, supervision; and also art therapy treatment for prevention and mental-hygiene. These areas cover a broad spectrum of target groups: from students to psychodrama specialists, from those with special needs to top managers. His strengths are multidisciplinarity, innovativeness, and system-approach.

Bea Somogyi

Bea has experience using Playback in civil and educational sectors and especially with marginalized groups of the society. She is a community building trainer and a playback theatre leader. She possesses passion about Playback Theatre, peace work and promotion of conscious participation in civil society.
For the last fourteen years Bea has been a member of Pepita Playback Theatre in Budapest, and recently co-founded FineArt Playback Group as well as MIMA Playback Theatre Group. She has been collaborating with True Heart Theatre (London) and London Playback Theatre as well as the Centre for Playback Theatre (NY). She is a member of the Affiliate Schools Committee of CPT, and she is also volunteering as Eastern European Regional Representative of IPTN since 2011.

She has completed Leadership from the Centre for Playback Theatre in Máriahalom, Hungary in 2013.

Dr. Anikó Kaposvári

She is a mediator, trainer on intercultural communication, she studied social policy and intercultural pedagogy. She has been active in Playback Theatre since 1992, and she is a co-founder of the Central European School of Playback Theatre. She was a board member of the IPTN for over 8 years, and co-leader of Adhoc Theater in Vienna. She has been giving workshop on playback Theater internationally (Such as Ukraine, Chech republic, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Germany…) and was active in international cooperation Projects (like AMC Art for Mulricultural Communities). She believes in “more life in theatre, more theatre in life”!

Ádám György Kiss

He owes a lot to Playback Theatre. It confirms to him how much of a social experience experimentation and integration can give to everyone. He now has an idea about how zen-buddhist medidation, repetitive music or the flight of starlings can be connected with the free sprit of Playback Theatre. He helps actors and Playback groups to become that of their inner nature.

Dr. Tihamér Bakó

Playback is a real source of joy in his life. It helped him unfold and meet a new form of his creativity. Thanks to this form of theatre, he has traveled through the world, always as a guest of a theatrical group. He got to meet a lot of new friends thanks to Playback. Today he is trying to pass these experiences with the use of teaching, supervision and development of new Playback groups.

Dániel Rózsa

Playback teacher, helps with preparing educational material for the school.

Ágnes Sütöri

Playback teacher, head of the association behind the school.

Viktória Kur

Viktória is an andragogist, training organizer and micro-enterprise development consultant. She first met Playback Theatre in an NGO several years ago. She does not herself practice Playback, but she recommends it to everyone to be a part of it either as an actor or as a spectator. Playback is an instructive and effective tool and everyone can find a part of it that makes a lifelong friendship with Playback. In the school she handles the background processes, this is where she is the best, and can support the school.

Balázs Hitka

Responsible for the visual communication of the school, Balázs has a history with Playback Theatre photography and videography. Although he is not himself a practitioner of Playback, he is supporting self-organizing civil groups especially those celebrating art.

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